About Us

Overcoming market barriers for energy-efficient solutions.

General Technologies AG, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, serves customers in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

We are a company that offers its clients advice on financial solutions for the technology sector in general, as well as planning, structuring, and execution services using our in-depth knowledge of the market, we can provide integrated and independent financial services and solutions that are essential to achieving our clients’ energy efficiency objectives.

Our experts have practical skills in different sectors, which allows us to provide critical solutions covering different areas of energy and other technologies, including energy storage.


General Technologies AG identifies, finances and advises energy and emerging market companies that are characterized by a sustainable business concept and a proven growth perspective.
The investment policy focuses not only on the raw materials sector but always on the energy sector. The continuously rising global demand for more energy, fed by population growth, and the dynamic economic development of the emerging markets will naturally focus more and more on this sector. General Technologies AG takes advantage of these developments and acts as a promoter and solution provider for the various interest groups in the capital market.
Our main focus is on two core businesses: Direct investments and capital market consulting. This dual approach combines main returns with fee income.
The Management Board and Supervisory Board of General Technologies AG combine a diverse mix of unparalleled experience in the international financial services industry and corporate governance. Our combined expertise includes investment banking services, industry, fundraising, corporate restructuring and investor relations management.
Our success is based on established industry networks and first-class relationships at a high entrepreneurial and political level with first-class partners.
The daily dialogue with the investor community is a permanent stimulus.
General Technologies AG operates in the interests of its customers and shareholders. For this reason, systematic progress, innovation and ethical behavior are the foundations of our approach.


General Technologies AG applies a rigorous and disciplined investment approach, which is based on identifying undervalued companies with high expected or already documented reserves or/ and strong expansion-/ efficiency prospects.

There is absolutely no compromise on quality. We apply precise analytical tools and base our investment decisions on fundamental principles of due diligence.

Essential for us is a capable and experienced management team with a proven track record and entrepreneurial vision.  


(as Yalta AG)

Year of formation: 2006 (as Yalta AG)

No. of issued shares: 3.825.000

Admitted to trading on Open Market segment of Deutsche Börse AG (Frankfurt am Main) in 2006. 

Registered capital: EUR 3.825.000

Change of name into General Technologies AG: 2019